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1ST GROUPON SESSION?  Please book online and choose the "package" option with the proper groupon version that you have (ex. 3 30 min session, 5 60 min sessions etc.).  If you have a package for multiple sessions we will redeem the entire groupon and load your account with with the prepaid visits.  It will request a credit card to hold the session but you will not be charged unless we are unable to contact you or unable to find your groupon code. 

Simple and easy.  PLEASE NOTE if you purchased a 60 minute session it must be used all in one session and not split up.  

Return GROUPON sessions:  Go to the booking page and select the correct length of groupon session.  We will be able to check you out easily on our side and will contact you if it appears that you have used all of your sessions.  Cheers!

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