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  • I already bought a package.  How do I schedule again without getting charged again

    • On the booking page for the location you prefer, choose "services".  Choose "package".  Select the same package you purchased prior (yes it will quote a price but ignore it).  Choose "BOOK NOW".  Do NOT choose "Add to Cart" or you will be charged.  Book now will allow you to book and the system will zero out the quoted rate since you already have a package in your account. 

  • What do I wear/bring?

    • We provide towels, water, and a few bathroom amenities.  You can go naked (but sit on a towel) or wear swimming attire if you prefer. 

  • Is there parking

    • Street parking only at Green Lake & Ballard.  Edmonds has a parking lot out front. 

  • What's the difference between infrared sauna and red light therapy?

    • They are nothing alike.  The sauna is an actual wooden sauna box you sit in for sweating, detoxing, improving blood pressure, burning calories and relaxation.  Red light therapy is an actual light panel placed over you on a massage table by a technician which emits red light and near infrared light/heat in order to heal and recover from tissue injury as well as boost collagen production and clear skin.

  • Is there a shower?

    • No shower at any location.  Just restrooms.​

  • Am I alone in the sauna/can I bring someone?

    • You can ask to be booked with someone that you bring but we will never pair you with a stranger. ​

  • Is there someone there to help me?

    • We do not have on-site staff for sauna sessions.  You will be able to communicate via phone call or text and we will text you all the information you need to navigate your experience. ​

  • Are the saunas different?

    • All saunas are the exact same Sunlighten Amplify II model.  Rooms are named differently so you know where to go :)​


    • If you need to cancel your membership, please email at least a week prior to the next autorenew payment!

  • How hot do the saunas get?

    • 140-165 degrees is what we try to keep them set.  They do not heat the air, they use wavelengths of light that we feel as heat and it increases your core temperature more efficiently than traditional saunas which heat the air which then heats your core.  Depending on what the person prior to you set, you may experience a difference in temperature. ​You will still get all the benefits as the wavelengths will still be improving your health even if it doesn't feel "hot". 

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