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  • PARKING out front! Multiple spaces are available out front.

  • Flamingo RoomSunlighten Amplify II sauna (max 165 degrees)

  • Wynn Room:  Sunlighten Amplify II sauna (max 165 degrees)

  • PALMS Room: 
    • Massage services

      • Deep tissue

      • Relaxation

      • Aches & Pains massage with Arnica

      • CBD massage

      • Spa massage with hot towels and sugar scrub to hands and feet

    • Red Light Therapy & Sauna Wrap

    • Please visit the booking site to learn more about each one of these and to view days/times available.  

Booking for these services are available online!  Please call/text or email us for further information.  (206) 397-3516

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